In Loving Memory of our Twins Benjamin James and Jonathan Eamon

Our twins were born on August 7th, 2001. Benjamin lived for 5 hours and Jonathan for 25 hours. They were born too early due to a complication called Twin-to-Twin Transfer Syndrome.

Here is the poem that I wrote for their funeral.


    A Mother
             by Shona Davidson (© August 2001)

    The test is positive; the doctor says,
    "You're pregnant!" Great news!
    I start to prepare.
    Emotions go up and down.
    Then I learn there are two,
    Twins, two little lives.
    A mother
    Now expecting not one, but two.
    And I smile.

    Complications arise; the outcome is grim.
    Will they both survive?
    Will they both be OK?
    More emotions now flow.
    I do all I can.
    I want my two boys.
    A mother
    Holding tight on to hope, with fear.
    And I pray.

    Labour begins, much too early I fear.
    They're born, so perfect,
    Too tiny to live long.
    My emotions are numb.
    They slip away one by one.
    All hope is lost. They're gone.
    A mother
    With no children to hold, to love.
    And I cry.